5th Element Ziraffe Title 5th Element Darwin Title 5th Element Darwin Title 5th Element Darwin Title
The Ziraffe, much like the legendary animals of Yore, is a blend better than the sum of it's parts. Designed to be a swiss army knife of sorts, the ziraffe is here to help athletic beginners through solid intermediate junior skiers continue to improve while allowing them to ski everything the mountain has to offer. The Darwin is here to help your young skier let their ability and talent evolve. With a mid 80mm waist the Darwin starts with a very stable and predictable platform for athletic beginner up through intermediate skiers with a full wood core and a full wood sidewall construction, the Darwin transforms into a poppy light ski with ferocious edge hold. More bang for your buck, the 5th Element TXT is a brand new junior twin tip ski. Designed for beginners and intermediates, the TXT features a very soft flex pattern, a twin shape and cool boy approved graphics. The soft flex is ideal for kids because it allows them to initiate their turns easier. The 5th Element Stealth is the perfect binding to get you out on the mountain without breaking the bank. This soft flexing binding is forgiving enough to accomodateany inexperienced rider, while a thick but soft flexing ankle strap provides the support and response needed to progress.
5th Element Ziraffe Ski 5th Element Darwin Ski 5th Element Darwin Ski 5th Element Stealth Binding